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Assemblymember Dr. Akilah Weber Issues AB 1797 Myths vs. Facts

For immediate release:

What AB 1797 Does

This bill would: 

(1) Improve immunization records by requiring providers who perform vaccinations to enter the data into the existing registry system to prevent data gaps about community vaccination health, 

(2) Ensure that patients’ race and ethnicity are required fields in the existing registry system to assess data on health disparities, and 

(3) Allow existing authorized registry users to use the immunization date to perform immunization status assessments during public health emergencies. 


Myths vs. Facts

Myth: AB 1797 creates a new immunization registry. 

FACT: The CA Immunization Registry was established more than 20 years ago. All 50 states have immunization registries. In fact, San Diego County also has its own registry and is transitioning to using the state’s. 

­­­­Myth: AB 1797 violates medical privacy. 

FACT: The CA Immunization Registry is secure, confidential, and complies with HIPAA, FERPA, and state law to protect patient privacy. 

Myth: AB 1797 gives the government new user authority over medical records. 

FACT: AB 1797 does not expand any user authorization than what is currently allowed such as physicians, public health departments, hospitals, school districts, and other facilities and clinics where immunizations are administered. 


Read about the CA Immunization Registry by visiting:

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