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Latino Heritage Month Honorees!

Elida Chavez
Elida Chavez is a constituent in Oak Park, and was selected to be President of the Friends of the Oak Park Library this year and an active member of the Oak Park Town Council. She has played a big role in advocating for a new Oak Park library, which received $20 million in state funding this year. She is a great believer in diversity and inclusion and very involved in the community. Thank you for your community service, Elida!


Chuy's Taco Shop
Jesus Gaytan is a 29 year old business owner of Chuy’s Taco Shop, located near the College Area. Upon opening Chuy's Taco Shop, he set a 10 year goal to get the attention of Guy Fieri from Diners Drive-ins and Dives and was able to meet his goal within the first year of opening and also making it to Yelp’s top 100 places to eat. His continued success and kind heart allows him to help members of the community as well as the employees. Every year for the anniversary of the restaurant he closes the restaurant and hands out free food to anyone who stops by at no charge. Any proceeds from raffles and tips are donated to a local organization. Thank you for your community service!