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Assemblymember Dr. Akilah Weber Introduces New Legislation for 2023

For immediate release:

AB 79 declares the intent of the legislature to regulate, limit, and establish reporting standards for law enforcements agencies use of deadly force utilizing remotely operated equipment.

AB 82 will protect minors in California from dangerous weight loss supplements and diet pills by restricting retail establishments from selling these products to minors under 18 years of age without a prescription. Preventing the exposure of children to these harmful products is a critical step toward preventing mental health and physical health risks often associated with these products.

AB 85 will require health plans and insurers to pay for the screening for social determinants of health (SDOH). The bill will also make SDOH screenings a covered benefit for Medi-Cal beneficiaries and will bridge patients to community resources or government social services to address their SDOH needs. Examples of SDOH factors include food insecurity, inadequate housing or lack of transportation, among many others.