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2024 Legislative Package

AB-1791: Artificial intelligence: technical open standards and content credentials.
AB-1815: Discrimination: hairstyles: amateur sports organizations.
AB-1841: Student safety: opioid overdose reversal medication: student housing facilities.
AB-1891: Community colleges: allied health programs.
AB-1895: Public health: maternity ward closures.
AB-1900: Consumer Legal Remedies Act.
AB-1919: Pupil rights: restorative justice practices.
AB-1943: Health Information.
AB-2058: Automated decision systems.
AB-2072: Group health care coverage: biomedical industry.
AB-2119: State Department of State Hospitals.
AB-2166: Barbering and cosmetology: hair types and textures.
AB-2180: Health care coverage: cost sharing.
AB-2217: Tianeptine.
AB-2250: Social determinants of health: screening and outreach.
AB 2319: California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act.
AB-2671: Family daycare homes: filtered water.
AB-2681: Weapons: robotic devices and unmanned aircrafts.
AB-3059: Breast Milk Bank.
AB-3139: Data privacy: vehicles.
AB 280: Segregated Confinement.
AB 1999: Electricity: Fixed Charges.
AJR 12: Tijuana River: Cross-border pollution.
SB 1248: Pupil health: extreme weather conditions: physical activity.