Weber Bills Get Key Committee Endorsements

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

SACRAMENTO – A number of bills authored by Assemblymember Shirley N. Weber (D- San Diego) have been passed by key Assembly committees, including:

  • AB 801: San Diego County Redistricting Commission: This bill, passed by the Assembly Committee on Local Government, will restructure the San Diego County’s Independent Redistricting Commission to make it more reflective of the diversity residing within the county. 
  • AB 940:  Skilled Nursing Facility Eviction Notification: Local Ombudsman: AB 940, passed by the Assembly Aging and Long-Term Care Committee, seeks to protect residents of long-term health facilities by requiring written notices of discharge and eviction be given to the resident, and when possible, the resident’s representative.
  • AB 1220: The Teacher and Student Success Act:  Would ensure teachers have the time and professional support they need before achieving permanent status (tenure). The bill would extend the probationary period for teachers from two years to three. There is also an option for a fourth and fifth year with concentrated professional support for teachers who may need a little extra time. The bill was passed by the Assembly Committee on Education.
  • AB 1321: Fiscal Transparency: This measure, which was passed by the Assembly Education Committee, would provide parents and the public with more accountability and transparency of local education agencies’ expenditures pursuant to the federal Every Students Success Act.
  • AB 1384: Victim Trauma Centers:  This legislation creates clear guidelines for the provision of Trauma Recovery Center services administered by the Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board in California. The bill was passed by the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

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