Budget Conferee Releases Statement on Budget Agreement

Friday, June 16, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Shirley N. Weber (D-San Diego), who served on the Joint Legislative Budget Conference Committee, issued the following statement on the state budget agreement passed by California lawmakers Thursday:

“A primary goal of this year’s budget is to continue the state’s momentum in helping working families lift themselves out of poverty.  It’s a simple and obvious fact that reducing poverty starts with leaving more money in the pockets of low-income workers,” Weber said. “In this budget, we’ve expanded the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit to an additional 1.1 million working families. If you are self-employed and have children, you now have access to this tax break, too.”

“Keeping faith with voters who passed Proposition 56, we have also expanded access to Medicare for low-income families.”

Weber also noted that steady efforts by the Democratic-led Legislature and Governor to stabilize the state’s finances over the past half-decade have yielded a budget that is less subject to variations in revenue.

“The state’s reserves are healthy,” Weber said. “We don’t have to resort to drastically slashing services that Californians pay for and expect to receive every time revenues are a little less than projected.”