2019-2020 Legislation

AB 392: Restricts the conditions under which law enforcement can use deadly force.

AB 498: Expands the veteran business license fee waiver to include veterans who provide services

AB 612: Addresses student hunger by increasing access to the CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program on community college campuses.

AB 701: Provides financial housing assistance to exonerated individuals upon release from prison.

AB 703: Waives tuition and certain fees for any exoneree who attends any California Community College, California State University and the University of California.

AB 942: Expands access to hot and prepared food choices for people who are homeless, disabled or elderly through a statewide expansion of the CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program.

AB 1240: Requires data from school districts to determine whether preparing a K-12 student for both college and career technical education gives them a better chance of success.

AB 1538Clarifies that all consumers have the right to choose cash payment in lieu of repairing a damaged vehicle under an automobile insurance policy.