79th District's Annual Salute to Men Making A Difference

Eligibility Requirements


  • Live, work or attend school in the 79th District (San Diego, Lemon Grove, La Mesa, Bonita, and portions of National City, Chula Vista, and Spring Valley).
  • Must be highly motivated, hardworking, engaged in volunteer activities and have demonstrated exceptional community service
  • Be nominated for a specific category (see below)


Arts: Men involved in the field of arts as artists, performing artists, visual artists, and design artists. This area also includes Hispanic and Filipino leaders in management/administration levels who work with galleries, museums, cultural programs, journalism, etc.

Business: Men who are small business owners who have achieved success as entrepreneurs. Those in the business field who are not business owners may be considered for demonstrating an extreme passion and advancement in their field of expertise.

Community Activism: Men involved in areas designed to bring about social or political changes. Education: Individuals involved in developing and/or implementing educational programs at any level.

Education: Men involved in developing and /or implementing educational programs at any level.

Government: Men involved in government as a leader, representative or an employee who goes above and beyond his or her job description/leadership role to help others.

Health Sciences: Men dedicated to the enhancement of human health. Health sciences encompass disease prevention, health education/promotion and the provision of health care.

Labor: Men who are active in the field of labor and have shown a strong commitment to improving the lives of workers, their families, and society as a whole.

Social Services: Men who usually work with people viewed as having special disadvantages such as people with low income, persons with disabilities, elders, persons with mental illness and the homeless.

Youth Leader: For the purpose of this award, "leadership" is defined very broadly and is not limited to being the lead person in a movement, organization or project. Individuals must be 12-17 years of age. The individual has made a significant contribution to their community or school by showing consistent involvement and having a positive impact on their peers.

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