2020 Priority Legislation

ACA 5 California Act For Economic Prosperity and Opportunity for All
Allows voters to remove an outdated ban on equal opportunity programs  and restores local and state leaders ability to minimize disparity for women and people of color.


AB 3121 California Commission on the Impact of Slavery in California
Establishes a task force to develop reparations proposal for African Americans.


AB 2992 Employment Stability for Survivors of Violent Crime
Expands existing protected leave to victims of violent crime and immediate family members.


AB 1835 LCFF Promise Fulfilled
Strengthens oversight protection of school district spending designated for needy students.


AB 3070 Anti-Discrimination Jury Selection Act
Prevents racial discrimination in jury selection.


AB 1460 Ethnic Studies
Establish Ethnic Studies graduation requirement for CSU students.


AB 2443 Protections Against Predatory Debt Settlement Companies
Provides injured consumers to recover the money taken from them by predatory entities.