AB 90: Gang Database. This legislation will ensure that CalGang and other shared gang databases have an oversight structure that supports accountability for proper database use and protection of individual rights.

AB 214: CalFresh Benefits for College Students. AB 214 is the next step and will further improve access to federal anti-hunger benefits for California’s low-income college students by clarifying policies and definitions to simplify the administration of CalFresh for college students.

AB 801: San Diego County Redistricting Commission. This bill will restructure the San Diego County’s Independent Redistricting Commission to make it more reflective of the diversity residing within the county. AB 801 requires boundaries for supervisorial districts be drawn by a bipartisan group of individuals rather than being exclusively judges.

AB 841: Marketing of Food in Schools. AB 841 codifies the federal regulation relating to local school wellness policy requirements preventing schools from marketing unhealthy foods and beverages on participating school campuses during school hours pursuant to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

AB 940: Skilled Nursing Facility Eviction Notification: Local Ombudsman. AB 940 seeks to protect residents of long-term health facilities by requiring written notices of discharge and eviction be given to the resident, and when possible, the resident’s representative. AB 940 also requires these notices to be sent to the local office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program within 24 hours of the notice being issued to the resident.

AB 1029: Student Safety Plans: Restorative Justice. AB 1029 adds a restorative justice practitioner, community schools coordinator and/or a mental health professional to the school safety planning committee. This bill also requires the California Department of Education to identify best practices on its website and provides educators and administrators with professional development to reduce truancy, dropout rates, suspensions and violent or disruptive behavior in schools.

AB 1057: San Diego Childcare Center Direct Sale. Provides legislative authorization to allow a non-profit San Diego Childcare Center in our district to purchase state property adjacent to their center. The Center is a private nonprofit organization that provides behavioral health and educational services to more than 1200 youth and families annually through outpatient, in-home, school-based and residential therapeutic programs, including its K-12 special education.

AB 1106: Child Care for Working Families. Permits the Superintendent of Public Instruction to create a contracting process that maximizes childcare funding allocated to working families.

AB 1344: Voting Rights. This bill would provide additional information about an individual’s voting eligibility for those who complete parole or who are on probation.

AB 1384: Victim Trauma Centers. This legislation creates clear guidelines for the provision of Trauma Recovery Center services administered by the Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board in California. By setting clear guidelines and bolstering training for new trauma recovery centers, this bill will ensure that victims of crime in California receive the comprehensive and timely services they need to heal, and to avoid negative economic consequences for themselves and their communities.

AB 1448: Elderly Parole Program. AB 1448 codifies the existing Elderly Parole Program implemented by the Brown Administration following the prison overcrowding class action case Plata/Coleman v. Brown (2013). The bill sets the age and time served requirements for receiving a parole review hearing to allow people who are 60 years of age and older and who have been incarcerated for at least 25 years on their current sentence to be reviewed by the Board of Parole Hearings under the elder parole review guidelines.

AB 1513: Racial Profiling Clean-Up Bill. This measure would revise the term "Citizen" to "Civilian” Penal Code to ensure the statute reflects the actual term of art currently being utilized operationally by law enforcement agencies when conducting duties such as reporting their activities with members of the public.

HR 29: Ethnic Studies Resolution. Affirms California teachers and students efforts to establish an Ethnic Studies graduation requirement for all students that meet A-G requirements for students applying for admission to California State University and University of California.
HR 53: Women’s Equality Day Resolution. Recognizes August 26, 2017, as Women's Equality Day and its historic importance to women's rights. This includes the battle to attain those rights in the past, present, and future.

Joint Author

AB 1008 (McCarty and Weber): Fair Chance Act. Historically known as, “Ban the Box,” this bill would prohibit a prospective public or private employer from asking a prospective employee if they had been convicted of a crime on an initial application for employment.

AB 901(Gloria and Weber): County of San Diego: Local Elections. AB 901 would increase voter participation and eliminate voter confusion by allowing elections in San Diego County to be conducted in a similar manner as the San Diego Mayor, members of the Legislature, and Congress.


AB 1111 (Garcia): Breaking Barriers Initiative. This bill would make available grant funding to partnerships between community-based organizations and local workforce boards under the administration of the Labor and Workforce Agency. Proposals would show the populations targeted, services offered in support of moving people toward employment that lifts people to a pathway from poverty, and how success would be measured.

AB 1209 (Gonzalez-Fletcher): Gender Pay Differentials. California women with full-time jobs lose out on approximately $37.7 billion every year due to the wage gap (using 2016 data). Requires employers of 500 or more employees in California to collect information as specified on gender wage differentials for exempt employees and board members located in California and submit it to the Secretary of State for publication on its Internet website.

AB 1264 (Garcia): Special Education Pupils: Individualized Education Program: Meetings: School Records. This bill requires that a parent or guardian be offered copies of relevant school records and assessment reports at least five business days prior to a meeting regarding an individualized education program.